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    Mobile charging stations for electric vehicles at your event

About us

MobiWatt is an event-sector service provider that supplies mobile charging stations for hybrid and all-electric vehicles in France and Europe.


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Our charging stations


Charging capacity: 7.4 kW


Charging capacity range: 7.4 kW to 22 kW


Charging capacity range: 7.4 kW to 22 kW

MobiWatt, your partner for e-mobility

We meet your e-mobility needs for events in France and Europe by installing mobile charging stations for electric vehicles.

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Our team is at your service to meet the e-mobility requirements of your event.

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Our offices are located at: Route d'Irigny, Z.I Nord, 69530 Brignais, France


What makes MobiWatt’s charging stations suitable for events?
Our integrated offer is made up of electric-vehicle charging stations that have been designed to be installed on a temporary basis on the site your event.

Our mobile, lightweight charging stations are easy to transport. In addition, we provide all the electrical equipment (cables, cabinets, etc.) required to ensure the stations operate properly on your event site.

How are the charging stations installed at my event?
Our charging stations are mounted on a self-supporting, weighted base. No holes are made in the roads or in the ground of your event space.
Who installs the mobile charging stations?
MobiWatt handles the delivery and installation of the charging stations on your event site.


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