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Provider of mobile charging stations

Provider of charging stations for the event sector


MobiWatt specializes in designing, renting and installing mobile charging stations for electric vehicles at events.

We provide you with a turnkey solution, including the entire electrical supply system (cabinets, cables, etc.).

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A turn-key solution






 Every stage of your e-mobility charging-station project is taken care of by our teams to ensure the system is immediately operational for your event.


4 logistics hubs in France


 Our teams can provide mobile charging solutions for your events in France and Europe, catering for both hybrid and all-electric vehicles.


Our 4 logistics hubs in Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg and Cannes ensure a responsive and reliable delivery and installation service.



Ensure your event meets today's new needs in terms of the energy transition


Our mobile charging stations can be used for two different scenarios.

Borne de recharge mobile au Festival de Cannes

To increase the capacity available at an event venue

When an event venue (exhibition centers, convention centers, concert halls, multi-purpose event and reception venues, etc.) has periodic peaks in activity and cannot meet the increased demand with its permanent charging stations. In this case, our solution provides crucial additional capacity to ensure the smooth running of your event.

Example of use: an exhibition center during a major trade fair.

Bornes de recharge mobiles sur un parking

To provide a service in an area that has no charging stations

Events (such as music festivals, art exhibitions, sports events, inaugurations, product launches, etc.) that take place on a site where there are no fixed charging stations. In this case, MobiWatt can deliver and install all the electrical equipment required for your event to meet your e-mobility needs.

Example of use: a festival held in an area that is not equipped with any public or private charging stations.


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