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What makes MobiWatt’s charging stations suitable for events?
Our integrated offer is made up of electric-vehicle charging stations that have been designed to be installed on a temporary basis on the site your event.
Our mobile, lightweight charging stations are easy to transport. In addition, we provide all the electrical equipment (cables, cabinets, etc.) required to ensure the stations operate properly on your event site.
How are the charging stations installed at my event?
Our charging stations are mounted on a self-supporting, weighted base. No holes are made in the roads or in the ground of your event space.
Which is the most suitable charging station for events?
MobiWatt selects its models of mobile charging stations from internationally renowned brands: Schneider, ABB, etc. These charging-station models can all be installed at your events on a temporary basis.
Are these event-site charging stations compatible with hybrid vehicles?
Yes, our mobile charging stations work for both plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles.
What are the differences between the 3 different charging-station models?
The Baltic 2 and the Cubic stations have a charging range of 7.4 kW to 22 kW, so that can quickly charge a wide variety of electric vehicles. All our stations use AC charging. We can also offer DC charging stations on request.
How long will it take to charge my electric vehicle?
The charging time depends on several criteria: the battery and charging capacity of your vehicle, the power that the station can supply, etc.
Can I install the charging stations outside?
Yes, our charging stations can be installed outside. The models provided are weatherproof, thanks to their 100% waterproof casing. The ideal place to install the stations is in the car park at an event venue, whether it be an exhibition center, convention center, concert hall, arena, etc.



Who installs the mobile charging stations?
MobiWatt handles the delivery and installation of the charging stations on your event site.
Are the power cables supplied with the charging stations?
Yes, we provide all the electrical engineering for the stations: electrical cabinets, power cables, etc.
Are the e-mobility services aimed at a particular type of event?
No; MobiWatt provides e-mobility charging stations for all types of event projects: cultural, corporate, institutional or sports events, congresses, consumer fairs or trade fairs, festivals, concerts, etc.
In which countries can I rent and install MobiWatt’s mobile charging stations for events?
MobiWatt can provide you with its services throughout France as well as in all European countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, etc.
How much does it cost to rent and install a mobile charging point?
The price depends on the number of stations you want, as well as the location and duration of your event. If you would like a quote, please fill in our form available via this link.
How long does it take to install the mobile charging stations?
We can install your mobile charging stations within 24 hours, drawing on our 4 logistics hubs in Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg and Cannes. It may sometimes take longer this, depending on the location of your event and the number of stations required.



Why did you choose the brand name MobiWatt?
MobiWatt is a contraction of two words: mobility and watt, the international unit of measurement for power.


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